Aerial photography is in the midst of a revolution thanks to better radio-controlled flight techniques and ever-smaller film gear. It is now possible to create original broadcast-quality images with lightweight, affordable and easy to set up equipment.
This profession is legally regulated in France by the Directorate General for Civil Aviation which validated our team’s Specific Activity Manual, with approval of equipment and of pilots. With us, film shootings are entirely safe and fully covered by insurance.
AirDroneOne brings together professional film systems and advanced aerial modeling, with a strong focus on quality images and creative camera angles.
Our team operates from the Cevennes in all the permitted zones of the troposphere.
We can set up media pools to cover cultural or sporting events (multipe drones, ground-level filming, live broadcasting, reports by journalists, multicam coverage, streaming)

To make your projects come to life, AirDroneOne takes your vision as high as your ambitions.

AirDroneOne creates aerial photography using a multirotor DJI S800 V2 carrying a gimbal Zenmuse Z15-G which controls a Panasonic GH2.

This technology provides full HD in AVCHD intraframe at 176Mb/s in conditions of optimal stability.
Thanks to mechanical stabilization of video images with pixel-level precision, performed in real time by the gimbal, live broadcasting is now possible without any post-production.
Many broadcast shooting formats are available depending on the needs of your production (from 24 to 60 frames per second, interlaced or progressive, high definition).
A video feedback and ground-level control ensure the technical quality and precision of our camera work.
Film completion and image processing are handled by expert technicians with experience in film and television (editing, color correction, mixing and graphics).

This solid professional network allows AirDroneOne to precisely adapt its equipment and teams to every type of mission.

AirDroneOne adds a stamp of quality to all your aerial images.
This level of quality is based on the know-how of each professional involved in production.

AirDroneOne is the fulfillment of a long journey that started in the mid-90s with the practice of aerial photography on board of French army super puma helicopters, for the ECPAD and the SIRPA. Since then, the project’s leader, Félicien Fort, has used his technical and artistic skills in film and television production, as a senior editor for major players in the French media landscape (TF1, France 2, France 3, Arte) or working on short and feature-length films in digital cinema.

He has had the opportunity to train his colleagues in image making and creating meaning through editing, at the Lille’s Graduate School of Journalism (ESJ Pro Montpellier), and at les Lapins Bleus Formation, Paris. He has provided his expertise to bring technical solutions in digital video (Apple for France 3 Nîmes, Montpellier’sinternship excellence, theENSOSP din Aix en Provence). More recently, his participation in Red Bull events (Art of Wake), or in the International Festival of Extreme Sports (FISE) have helped him to develop his acrobatic and mobile camera skills.

Always ready to experiment with new ways of creating images, this technician’s adventurous spirit is prepared for the many challenges of aerial photography. This company is focused on quality filming systems and on providing assistance and programming for computer-controlled flights.